Over 150 original drawings including illustrations, cartoons and comics. From the French satirical magazines of the 1960s to the Italian ones from the 70s and 80s, passing through Linus and the Festival of Humor.
Nibs and brushes in continuous movement to the sound of jazz.

JUnE 10 / JULY 10 2022

EXSA (former prison of Sant'agata)

Vicolo Sant’Agata, 21 Bergamo Alta

Opening time
Saturday and Sunday 10 -18
Tuesday - Thursday 15 - 20
Friday 16-22

Maurizio Bovarini


Maurizio Bovarini was a quite extraordinary and highly prolific illustrator. He was also, at least on the surface, indifferent to the myriad tricks of the publishing trade that make it possible for an author or an artist to ensure that their name will go down in history. Since he makes only the rarest of appearances in the canonical history of cartoons and illustration, the task of reconstructing his biography necessitated the collating of information supplied first-hand by his family: his wife Adele and his children, Andrea and Alessandra. 

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